We are a Tokyo-based digital marketing agency combining high level strategy with top-notch creative and SEO capabilities to help businesses grow.

Web marketing is a critical aspect of any business today. With more people than ever connected to the internet—whether it be through a desktop, laptop, or smart device—businesses that have not established a presence online will end up falling further and further behind their competitors. If you find yourself struggling with your web marketing, we are here to help.

We offer web marketing services for Japan market entry as well as marketing consultation services for Japanese businesses looking to expand overseas to North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Based on your objective, we develop a comprehensive web marketing strategy that combines the best of research, analysis and creative while utilizing the latest tools and software to provide you with critical insights.

How We Apply Web Marketing For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing

You have a great product or service, but that all means nothing if you aren’t being found online. If your site’s organic traffic is not where you would like it to be, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are both effective and proven ways to increase this traffic. We start every project with a thorough SEO audit looking at your webpage and overall web presence. By doing so we can identify areas you are excelling at and areas which may need adjustments. SEO is always changing as a result of continually updating algorithms. Our team is dedicated to staying on top of the latest changes and updates, so you are never caught by surprise.

Social Media

Social media can be an excellent tool when used correctly. However, many small business owners struggle with successfully incorporating social media into their overall marketing strategy. We provide you with a marketing strategy that utilizes the best SNS platforms for your specific needs.

Website Development

A great website can really enhance customer’s impression of your business. We design pages that captures the essence of your business and showcases it in the best way possible. Additionally, not only can we design a web page for your business that looks great, but we have the experience and knowledge to make websites that are optimized for conversions as well.


Are you a brick and mortar shop looking to create an online store? If you are struggling with designing the look and layout of your online store, we can help get your ecommerce site up and running on a number of platforms including Shopfiy, Wix, Weebly, etc. Our design team can also create banners and landing pages and any other type of advertisements you may need.

Online Advertising

Looking to run an online ad campaign? We design advertisements and landing pages that actually deliver results. We work with you to develop a campaign catered to the specific audience you are trying to reach. We also can manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.


Many companies both Japanese and non-Japanese underestimate the impact that cultural differences can have on a business’ ability to succeed in a foreign market. Localization is more than just translation. Although language does indeed matter, cultural references, tastes, norms, all of these things must be taken into consideration before embarking on any successful marketing campaign. In the case of the Japanese market, “global campaigns” often require a good deal of localization in order to be usable in the country. Likewise, for Japanese companies, many lack the requisite understanding of other countries to provide ads or campaigns that resonate with their audiences there. We are experts in cross-cultural communication and our multicultural team has a deep understanding of the major global markets. We make sure that your presence on the web is perfectly localized for your target market.


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