Increasing a B2B company's MQLs through content marketing

The Task

Our client, a traditional B2B service provider, had neglected their website and become complacent about winning new business.

The loss of two of their largest customers in a short span of time, compounded with a lack of new leads in the pipeline, made it clear that a drastic change to their marketing efforts was in order.

How We Did It

While it was unquestionable that our client needed to update their website, our first order of business, we knew that a cosmetic change alone would not be able to generate the kind of new leads that they were looking for.

Our client’s website’s organic traffic had plummeted to a fraction of what it once was, so we planned and implemented a major content marketing initiative that would get more traffic and, most importantly, more leads into the funnel.

We identified the various keywords that potential customers use to search for the services that our client provides and created articles and content aimed at ranking for those specific search queries. Including both the new website content and articles, we wrote well over 30,000 words.

Finally, we analyzed our clients sales funnel and helped implement a number of changes that would improve their process and help them to successfully convert more potential leads into sales moving forward.


Over the course of the project we were able to achieve the following results for our client:

  • 1200% increase in organic traffic to their website
  • 460% increase in monthly, marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • 267% increase in first page search results for relevant keywords
1200 %

Increase in organic traffic

460 %

Increase in MQLs

267 %

Increase in first page results


Leads are the lifeblood of any B2B business. Without a steady stream of new leads to nurture and turn into new clients, even a successful business puts themselves at risk of failure during an unexpected downturn. For businesses whose lead generation process begins online, website traffic is a crucially important first element that cannot be ignored. Content marketing is one of the best ways to build sustainable, long-term traffic to your website and should be a priority for any B2B company.

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