Creating a social media campaign that tripled monthly conversions

Our Client

A current client, a B2C company targeting a niche, but lucrative segment of the Japanese market, was interested in creating an original, social media advertising campaign to help drive more sales.

The Challenge

As an ongoing digital advertising client of ours, we were already familiar with their business and the challenges they faced as a company. Their niche is highly competitive and market share is hotly contested by a small group of rivals, who, along with our client, dominate the market.

Given such a competitive landscape we knew that they needed a unique concept in order to grab their target audience’s attention.

How We Did It

We decided to first conduct some in-depth market research, which led us to discover a new insight about their customers. We used this insight as the basis for a concept and then developed a strategy for the campaign. After finalizing creatives, we set up and implemented the social ad campaign on all the relevant social media platforms, while carefully monitoring its performance.

Results: 3x Increase in Average Monthly Conversions from Social Channels

The advertising campaign tripled the average monthly conversion attributable to social channels for our client over the 2-month period we ran it. In a business with steady demand throughout the year (i.e. no seasonality at play) the campaign was a great success for our client.


As more Japanese spend increasing amounts of time on social media it’s important for businesses to consider the channels that they are using to reach their audiences. At the same time, it’s also important to recognize that advertisers are all competing, in a sense, when it comes to customers’ attention, so combining creative and strategy is crucial to succeeding with paid social.

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