Social media in Japan is big business. Especially for brands targeting the coveted, younger Japanese demographic.

While the complementary nature between social media and ecommerce may be common knowledge, the fact remains that implementing a proper social media campaign in Japan as a foreign business is extremely difficult.

The same issues which brands encounter in their home markets, falling organic reach and engagement, affects the Japanese market as well. Creating great content for social media platforms is still important, but it’s not enough to sustain businesses.

As a result, more brands are relying on social media advertising in order to grow awareness and drive traffic to their online store or website.

However, in addition to the steep language barrier cultural differences also prevent many foreign brands from implementing successful social media advertising campaigns.

At Plus Alpha Digital we have experience dealing with both Japanese and Western consumers. We utilize both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to help you reach the widest audience of Japanese customers, on the social media platforms with proven results for businesses.


social media advertising japan


Whatever issues you find yourself facing when it comes to your social media in Japan, we can help:

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Benefits of Social Media Advertising
  • Developing a Winning Social Media Strategy
  • Managing Social Media in Japan
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Social Listening

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